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Weekend yummy and healthy treat idea. Кулінарна здорова ідея для вихідних.

E: Hello! Want to share with you some ideas for healthy cooking. Today, my Protein pancakes recipe. You can make them for breakfast or post-workout meal. Either way, enjoy!

U: Привіт! Сьогодні поділюся з вами рецептом білкових пляцків з конопляним шротом і трускавками.  Ви можете їх приготувати на сніданок чи після тренування.

Sport injury. How not to get crazy because of it. Спортивна травма. Як не збожеволіти через неї.

E: You are outside. You are running on trails. Feeling warmed up by now, and happy. Up and down, left and right. The movements are smooth and quick at the same time. You actually feel like you are invincible, like there is nothing you cannot do right now: is it running faster up the hill, or jumping to the clouds. Really, you can do anything!