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Weekend yummy and healthy treat idea. Кулінарна здорова ідея для вихідних.

E: Hello! Want to share with you some ideas for healthy cooking. Today, my Protein pancakes recipe. You can make them for breakfast or post-workout meal. Either way, enjoy!

U: Привіт! Сьогодні поділюся з вами рецептом білкових пляцків з конопляним шротом і трускавками.  Ви можете їх приготувати на сніданок чи після тренування.

New Better Running. Part 1. Новий кращий біг. Частина Перша.

E: Introduction to 'New Better Running'

Part 1.

Old: Running the same path
New: Differentiate surfaces and paths

For many years, runners have been sure that hard surface causes injuries.

Scientists from Canada made research on how muscles  and feet are reacting to different surfaces. The conclusion showed that, no matter what type surface was, runner's feet received about the same effect.

It doesn't mean you have to run the same road over and over again. Every path and surface has its own unique qualities. For example, by running on asphalt, your strides are very similar, since you are running on a flat surface. Imagine yourself running on a table.

If you change your routine, and start running on trails, your strides start to differentiate one from another, because of path variations. Also, your surroundings change: from city streets to nature.

! Just remember, if you are training for a city race, most of your runs should be on streets.

Video: What to wear for a winter run. Як вдягатися до зимової пробіжки?

U: Ви вже поставили перед собою цілі на 2015 рік? Можливо, одна з них почати бігати більше? Супер!

На дворі- зима. Як вдягатися до бігу взимку?

Передусім, слої. Одягніть, як мінімум, три: 'cod gear' слой під низ, щоб залишатися в теплі і сухості. Теплий верх. А зверху- захист від вітру.

Подбайте, щоб у вас був капішон, на випадок, якщо почнеться дощ чи сніг.

Морозно, беріть шапку. А ні, то покладіть до кишені. Принаймні, вона буде поруч, коли замерзнете.

Рукавиці. Не знаю, як ви, а я без них мерзну у руки, навіть у зимові плюси. Тому, краще їх брати з собою.

Якщо сильний мороз, то не завадить захистити лице. Закрийте рот і ніс балаклавою, і повітря, яке ви вдихаєте в момент стане теплішим.

При потребі одягніть окуляри, щоб захистити очі від вітру. Один нюанс тут: якщо вдягнули балаклаву, то окуляри можуть запотівати.

На низ я вдягаю легінси від under armour. Ще ніколи не підвели :)

Приблизно так.

Ідіть назустріч своїм цілям, і погода вам не перешкода.

Мар'яна з душою бігун…

New better running. Introduction. Новий кращий біг. Вступ.

E: Hi everybody! Do you love to read magazines? How about magazines about running? I do.

One of my favorites, for a long time, has been Runner's World (USA). This magazine taught me a lot about running, when I just came to running, as newbie. I am very thankful to the RW writers for giving me knowledge and useful tips. I was a long-time subscriber to the magazine. Years later, I've decided to stop subscription, since lots of information inside the articles started repeating itself.

Last week, I went for a trip to Poland. While waiting for the bus to get back home, I visited '1-minute' stop. One of those places, where you can buy coffee or tea, some kind of snack and something to read, to make your bus traveling more enjoyable.

Guess, what I spot on a newsstand? Yes, Runner's World... in Polish. Yeah! Without thinking too much, I grabbed a magazine. So, something different. Curious to find out what Polish authors are writing about running, I've started flipping…

Agree or disagree? А ви згідні?

E: Couple days ago, I saw this pic in my Facebook news feed line. Read it. Then, again and again, trying to catch the sense of humor here. Sorry, I didn't get it.

          In my vision, distance runner has skinny toned body. So, why not wearing skinny jeans? Yes, the upper body of a runner, if you neglect some strength exercises, might be not the best built part. But, we are talking about legs. Runners have strong toned legs. I personally admire runners legs :)

          What do you thing? Did you catch the humor from this pic? If you are a runner, do you agree with the statement above?

        Maryana with a soul of a runner :)

Believe in yourself. Повір у себе.

English version: 'The beginning of a new year might be the beginning of a new me', many of us think, and make New Year resolutions. In a month or two, we find ourselves unmotivated, forgetful, tired, way too busy to follow freshly planned routine.

So, what stops us from reaching our goals?

Today, I would like to share my thoughts about it.

The number one reason we give up on our plans, in my opinion, is that we create unrealistic plans. We want an instant transformation, instead of changing one step at a time. Yes, for some people, the cold-turkey method be helpful, but, generally, it creates a bigger stress on our minds an bodies. So, wouldn't it be a better way to make one small change each week towards a big final change.